The motto of our brand is not only to provide products of the highest quality, but also to support non-governmental organizations. That is why, we transfer the percentage of our income to various entities.

We care about  happiness of the smallest ones, that’s why we donate money to the following foundation: http://uslyszecswiat.org.pl/

If you want  to support the “Usłyszeć Świat” foundation, such details as the bank account no. can be found on the “Usłyszeć Świat” website or below:

Information for what we allocate the funds can be found on the following website:


You can also support the Usłyszeć Świat foundation by transferring any amount to the following account:

88 1020 1042 0000 8102 0010 5262

When making a transfer, please enter the following title: “donation for statutory purposes”.

Thank you! Association of Parents and Friends of Children and Youth with a Hearing Defect. Usłyszeć Świat

And the Herz Medical Instruments Team


We provide our Customers with products of the highest quality which will significantly improve everyday lives of those who need it. Never afraid of innovative solutions – we are experts on modern technologies  applied to create all products we offer. At the same time, we do not stand still – always aiming for constant development, deepening our knowledge and experience on many levels. As a result, our stock is becoming wider and even better in terms of quality.