Looking for the hearing aid, I wanted to find consensus between price and quality. I wanted to have a professional hearing aid, but I could not afford the one costing a few thousand zlotys. I decided to risk and I bought this camera. Now I know that it was a good choice.
Me and my husband are glad that we have bought this product. We are both retired. Despite the low price, it was a considerable expense for us. Now I know that it was money well spent.
I have a hearing impairment in my left ear. Unfortunately, the purchase of the hearig aid costing several thousand zlotys did not come into play. Thank God I found a cheaper solution. I'm happy. I wanted to enumerate some minuses to make the comment more credible, but I could not find any.
I took into account several options available on the market. Finally, I chose Herz hearing aid because of the long warranty. I do really recommend it!

The core of our business is care of Users

Extensive experience in production, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality. The core of our business is care of Users of our products. Our medical devices are manufactured in compliance with the highest applicable requirements and meet Polish and European safety and quality standards.